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 To allow a child to bloom in the course of a day because they have come to trust and care for a horse is something every child should have the chance to experience. The experience includes learning safety and grooming. When a child brushes a horse for the first time, we see the healing begin.
 When a child is in the company of horses, the unconditional love that is shared is magic. At EDY we want every child to experience that magic no matter their background or life experiences. Many families are unable to provide this healing experience for their child and at EDY we are there to support that need. Equestrian Dreams for Youth allows children to spend time with horses in a beautiful, safe, and enriching environment. The day is spent interacting with horses and nature so children can learn to be kind, gentle, and trusting which is a gift that will serve them throughout their lifetime. EDY volunteers are there to encourage, teach, and support the child throughout the day.
 Depending upon the age and group, the day’s activities may include:
• Petting, feeding, and grooming the horses • Horse or pony rides • Interaction with Miniature Horses • A picnic lunch on the ranch • A demonstration of English and/or Western riding techniques • A Farrier demonstrating shoeing techniques